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"The Main Event - FUN.BEAT.MAGIC."
A Complete Catalog by iComplexity


Important information.

Before proceeding with the download, we want to ensure full clarity on our process. Our dedication to providing you with the entire catalog has led us to develop a workaround for the system's gig limit per compressed zip file. Here are the details:

🔥 An Extensive Collection: "The Main Event - Part One" features over 120 meticulously crafted mash-ups, created over the course of 2 1/2 years.

⚙️ Download Workaround: Due to system limitations, we have devised a method to ensure you receive the entire 1.5 gigs of the catalog. Our team has crafted this approach to meet your needs seamlessly.

📁 Unlock the Complete Catalog: To enjoy the full collection, kindly add both Part One and Part Two to your cart.

🎉 Transparent Process: We utilize the code "BOGO" not as an exclusive promo, but as a means to efficiently deliver the entire catalog. It helps us address the gig limit for a smooth download experience.

💡 Supporting Future Creativity: The cost attributed to the collection supports maintenance and future mash-up creations, while each individual mash-up is available for free.

🆓 Free Individual Downloads: Each mash-up can be downloaded individually from the mash-up list without any cost.

We deeply appreciate your understanding and support as we strive to provide you with the most comprehensive musical experience possible. By using the "BOGO" code, you are ensuring seamless access to the entire collection.


Experience the artistry of "The Main Event" by iComplexity. Begin an extraordinary musical journey by downloading your complete catalog now, embracing the magic of mash-ups. 🎶✨

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